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Tamping machine

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Wet cast machine

Special Robot handling machine

Kalkman machines for the production of concrete products.

Our philosophy

The starting point for the design and construction of concrete machines for our customers is to fully maximise the output from the production process and to ensure the highest quality standards are attained. The years of experience and development that we have as a family business underlies this philosophy. In addition, our staff are of paramount importance. It is, after all, their commitment and contribution of ideas, increase in expertise and personal development, which has made it possible to remain a market leader in tamping technology. Kalkman Machine construction has consciously chosen for that distinctive position. We want to lead the way with our level of expertise and quality. The short communication lines, knowledge of production processes and our independence, are the guarantees our loyal customers have come to expect from us.

Short communication lines

Kalkman has grown by keeping its organisation small, as with communication lines. Direct contact at management level achieves fast and appropriate solutions, an agreement is an agreement, delivery time is delivery time. We think and act in the best interests of our customers, focusing on solutions. Our personal approach, which ensures that our expertise is directly available to our customers, allows us to quickly and easily meet their specific needs. 

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