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The company was originally set up in 1924 by Willem Kalkman Sr. to offer maintenance and repair services to the concrete industry  . By the 1950s, his sons had built up the business to include complete production machines. Under the leadership of the 3rd generation of the family, Kalkman Machinebouw B.V. has grown to become one of the most prominent companies in the concrete industry. Specialised in the construction of production machines, storage systems, equipment for finishing and packaging systems.


Over those 90 years, thinking of innovative solutions and the development of new systems and products has been the foundation that underlies our current business. We reflect the mindset of our customers through the development of advanced machinery, electrical engineering, software development, installation and service. Kalkman Machinebouw ensures that each component is under a constant state development and improvement. Resulting in machines with superior quality and production speed and most importantly, machines which make a significant contribution to your revenue model.

Employees 1955

Turntable machine 1960

Hammering system

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