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Tamping equipment

Tamping machines

Tamping machines are typically made to carry moulds on a turntable passing various stations with the exposed side of the mould facing downwards. This production machine has the great advantage of a quick throughput process and provides a final product with closed surface and a high degree of compaction compared to vibration systems.


  • Moulds are moved along processing stations and have a movable face plate (matrix).
  • Products of different thicknesses can be made from one mould;
  • Compaction is achieved by tamping the concrete into the mould from above. During compction the face plates are laying on an anvill;
  • The product is pushed upwards from the mould and placed on curing pallets;
  • The face plate will be  cleaned on each production cycle.
  • The use of matrixes allows various design opportunities of flat or structured surfaces.
  • The tamping technology anables the production of stabilized earth concrete (SEC)
  • This technology anables earlier surface treatments
  • Sunstantial longer lifetime of moulds due to the use of liners instead of the replacement of the complete mould 
  • Possibility to use higher percentages of small size aggregates (fly ash)

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Compaction unit

Filling process

Product take off


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